First Song

It happened when I was playing "little person land" with my big brother. I was around 8 or 9. He had his action figures, I had my barbie dolls and together they made an amazing world within our Vancouver home. Each room was a different country. Dining room chairs were highrise buildings standing amid frequent … Continue reading First Song

Oh, Music

you were here for the dark times, you melt my brain with joy every single time you sing. You make me carefree, drowning out the noise of so many, taking all the worry away. You take me to a place where there is no path with the voices of many looming, a place so great … Continue reading Oh, Music


I think I have started so many blog posts saying "I am supposed to be working on my book but I just had to write this post.." I am happy to say that I can now freely blog without worrying about my deadline because... Mama Poems is now available on Amazon everywhere in paperback and … Continue reading Published!