Song Flower story

There was a season when I did not want to live.. life was painful and awkward and I hated who I was.  Self harm became a way to cope with the storms in my body, mind and spirit.

I created Song Flower because many reached out to me and offered love and hope and helped me to rewrite the story in my heart. I know now that I have been lovingly created with care for a purpose.  I am glad to be here, alive and growing.

So I wrote down my treasures in the darkness of rape, loss of a sibling, mental illness etc.  The journey of writing brought a lot of healing to me and, I hope, to others. Many seasons have come and gone since then but my love for writing remains.

You will find a bit of everything on songflower:  Poetry, confessions, travelogue, theology (or I prefer to say journey with Jesus) wife tales, teacher tales and lots of stories about my daughter.

You will not find perfect grammar even though I am a teacher by trade.

Today, as your read these stories, may your step may be a little lighter and your eyes a little brighter in this weird and wonderful thing called life.

  • Melody Rose

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