Good bye, hello

If you type into your browser you will get a message saying the account has been closed. It’s not really. I just changed the address after downgrading to the free version and re-mapping the domain would be a whopping $99.

All that tech jargon is just to say, You know the split decisions you make while multitasking? I tried changing the address while waiting on a banking call with my husband moments before picking my daughter up at daycare. Yup, eating humble pie.

I remember when I first got my custom domain I had visions of making an income and reaching the masses. Years later, I have gotten the stars out of my eyes and realized that it’s not all about that and what’s inside the house counts more than the address.

We recently watched the Pixar movie Soul. I laughed out loud at the scene with the cat at the barber. Brings up a chuckle again just thinking about it.

And I loved this review from

Here is a quote: (some vague spoilers)

…That’s one of Soul’s overarching themes, in fact. In our celebrity-bedazzled world, we imagine that the only lives that matter are those that make a huge, splashy impact. Soul suggests there’s nothing wrong with wanting or having that sort of impact. But it also reminds us that those of us who live pretty normal lives can have an oversized impact on those around us, as well. And even when we fall into lives we never expected, there’s a joy and nobility in that, too.


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