Reflections on half a decade.

Today we dropped Elaina off for five hours of daycare (one hour for each year) and had a date in the rain. “Can you imagine if the weather had been like this on our wedding?” Forest asked as water sprinkled on our heads. He would have been a lot more comfortable in his wool tuxedo. … Continue reading Reflections on half a decade.

The God who sings.

I was standing in my kitchen wondering what to write today. There are always funny sayings from my two year old. Today I asked Elaina the philosophical question, “so what do you think about life?” Her answer was “something Jesus.” When I asked her later she said, “TV.” After lunch I started browsing on my … Continue reading The God who sings.

Good bye, hello

If you type into your browser you will get a message saying the account has been closed. It’s not really. I just changed the address after downgrading to the free version and re-mapping the domain would be a whopping $99. All that tech jargon is just to say, You know the split decisions … Continue reading Good bye, hello