Wonder Restored

I packed my suitcase for a road trip on Thursday and it felt strange, foreign. Distant foggy memories of doing this action before surfaced.

When was the last time I stayed overnight anywhere? March 2020. To be precise, we came home from Washington on March 1 when the COVID toilet paper jokes were just beginning and lockdown was gossip.

For the next year and a half I stuck close to home and rearranged furniture and pictures trying to keep my creative senses from imploding. When every day was… any day other than Saturday and the number of people that I visited could fit on one hand it was easy to lose wonder and anticipation.

Fast forward to the mother-daughter road trip this week up and down a twisting freeway through BC’s coastal mountains. My senses drank in the view like a person ending a fast with their favourite meal, like dry grass receiving rain.

And that is when I realized how spoiled I am. I stayed home for a season, not a lifetime. The views that my eyes of seen in a few decades is such a gift. A gift that I had begun to take for granted.

Elaina and I spent our one night away with a long time and very dear friend. I can’t remember the last time I have had the luxury to spend so many hours chatting and sharing life with her or any other friend. The words kept pouring out of our mouths all day Thursday, all evening, and for a bit of Friday morning before we left. Elaina happily played with new toys and delighted in attention from a new friend. She rarely tolerates me having phone conversations but she loved listening in to a face to face chat (as well as swimming in a lake, being treated to ice cream and visiting farm animals)

I have to add that while my daughter and I were frolicking in the mountains, Forest was hard at work painting our kitchen counters and transforming my most frequent workspace into a place of delight. He is another gift and a person who I take for granted. And his parents… they took care of him and us while our kitchen is out of commission with always amazing Chinese food.

We motored back down the freeway today to pick up Forest and then were treated to lunch with uncles and aunts at a riverside burger joint. Uncles and aunts who have always looked at me with love and taken care of me.

Then I walked up my previously rotting porch steps now made new by my carpenter dad. The list goes on and on and on…

I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t know how long these gifts will last. So I rejoice in them with an open hand and remember that despite lacks, and those spiderwebby fears that crouch in my mind, there is soooo much to be thankful for.

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