Wonder Restored

I packed my suitcase for a road trip on Thursday and it felt strange, foreign. Distant foggy memories of doing this action before surfaced. When was the last time I stayed overnight anywhere? March 2020. To be precise, we came home from Washington on March 1 when the COVID toilet paper jokes were just beginning … Continue reading Wonder Restored

Rewards are a good thing

I was worried every day. I worried every time my daughter ate something sweet or acidic or sticky… because she wouldn’t let me brush her teeth. And when I let her try it was a brush biting, paste sucking gong-show. And then the sticker chart idea surfaced. It ended up being a colouring chart when … Continue reading Rewards are a good thing

First Song

It happened when I was playing "little person land" with my big brother. I was around 8 or 9. He had his action figures, I had my barbie dolls and together they made an amazing world within our Vancouver home. Each room was a different country. Dining room chairs were highrise buildings standing amid frequent … Continue reading First Song