Happy birthday Forest


I may have posted this photo before… two youngsters on a first date, dancing in a room full of people and staying up very late without paying for it the next day.

Seven years later I am nursing our thirsty plants and he is coaxing our wired toddler into bed. Do I feel like dancing tonight? Not really.

But I do feel grateful that I can write while he parents and I am grateful for another year together.

I am grateful that so many people sent their love yesterday to a guy who serves us with his whole heart.

For as long as I can remember I have loved being in woodlands. Heavy boughs shelter from sun and rain, soft moss cushions my feet, the smell of earth and pine… murmurs and tweets from little creatures. It is my safe place. He is a safe place. Even in his own brokenness and fatigue.

There are times when I have been jealous of him or angry at him (still happens…) but then the knots untangle and I realize that it’s often my own wounds and issues that are the culprit.

I feel like I have written this all before.. I guess that is what falling in love is like. I just want to keep affirming and declaring how wonderful he is. That’s what love songs are all about. So Happy birthday to my sweet Forest husband. Thank you for reflecting the faithful love of God in different ways every day. Thank you for showing up to each challenge and standing firm even when you’re scared.

Looking forward to another 63 years! (We are planning on celebrating our 100th birthdays together. One can always hope…).

My dream vision is being two old great grandparents running together hand in hand, sustained and strengthened by our Maker. Let’s go!

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