New bible Mama series/The First Mama

Whenever I watch a really interesting tv show or read a gripping book I ask with a sigh, why do I find the bible boring? Why do I eagerly wait all week for the "Anne with An E" tv show, while sometimes having to force myself to open the scriptures? I believe that "“All Scripture … Continue reading New bible Mama series/The First Mama

Getting up again

God speaks to me so much through my daughter. She is almost joyful as she falls down and quickly gets up again. Like it's a game. Often when she falls she wails, but this moment, this night was special. There was momentum and hope. Learning how to walk. I felt a whisper in my heart. … Continue reading Getting up again

God is Nigh

Crickets and frogs chirped.  The smell of hay and horses surrounded hundreds of kids and summer camp staff.  A fire blazed before us as sillouettes with guitars lead us in songs by twilight. The final song was always "Taps" Gone the sun from the lakes, from the hills, from the skies, All is well. Safely … Continue reading God is Nigh