Magnificant Niagara Falls

Welcome to the travelogue of our pre-baby trip. There are far too many pictures to put in one post so I will spread the content out into a few episodes. Baby Li will be a character in the stories; afterall, I did feel movement for the first time at my uncle and aunt's house in … Continue reading Magnificant Niagara Falls

The Nanny?!

I dreamed about the show the Nanny for a long time last night. I haven't watched it since my tweens back in the '90s with my sister.  It's wasn't really approved viewing by my mom but somehow we managed to get a few episodes in.  Mom was right to be concerned what with some of … Continue reading The Nanny?!


Last night was so powerful. I am still feeling the joy. Broken chains, stripped mask dancing in freedom 💃 A group of young professionals, men and women, weeping and hugging and tearing pieces of paper. What happened? Forest and I are taking a course called Freedom Session where we are learning how to deal with … Continue reading Freedom