Ode to Comox Valley

Playground, battleground Girl2woman From bicycle and bus to Chevrolet and Acura From parent's nest to rental pad From cinnamon roll to payroll From student to teacher with still so much to learn. From stranger to friend, beloved by kids, youth, young adults, students, families, seniors Ocean, river, lake, mountain Piano, guitar, song Housesitting, babysitting, dogsitting … Continue reading Ode to Comox Valley

Quadra Interlude

You may have noticed that a lot of my stories include a story of a "failure" or need to overcome something difficult.  When I look back at my time living on Quadra 2014-2015 there were things to overcome- going back to living with parents as an adult, gaining my health back after a long episode … Continue reading Quadra Interlude

我的心的一部分在中国 Wǒ de xīn de yībùfèn zài zhōngguó

(A part of my heart is in China.) An old man painting calligraphy in the square with water.  Crowds look on. A business man in his suit, a lady in a fancy red dress both riding bicycles down the dusty streets. An Asian style zumba class in an open square. One lady leading with a … Continue reading 我的心的一部分在中国 Wǒ de xīn de yībùfèn zài zhōngguó