The Gift

I have a little brother that most of you have never met. His name is Matthew Angus. He had beautiful blue eyes and red hair,  just like my sister. I clearly remember Daniel and Sarah waking me up  on a Thursday morning, November 2, 1989.  "Mom's in the hospital!"  I knew what that meant, baby … Continue reading The Gift

A Rose revealed

Being Melody Rose is a wild ride.  My creativity for example, is like a playful little child. Sometimes, when I wake up, like today, an image or song or writing idea has been downloaded into my mind and it pervades every thought and desire.  I can't get on with my day until I have found … Continue reading A Rose revealed


I felt the need to change my tag line for this blog. My original purpose and continued hope in sharing "treasures from the darkness" was to be a voice of encouragement to those who feel like jumping off the road of life.  I wanted to say "hey, I've been there. It sucks, let's journey together. … Continue reading Walking