My Forest

As a child, the forest was my place for play. My brother and I trekked all over Esperanza inlet with freshly whittled clubs to bush whack new trails.  I knew that bears and cougars could be lurking nearby but I wasn't afraid. I loved the soft green moss, the trickling creek, the smell of dirt, … Continue reading My Forest

The tricky topic

I have been wanting for a while to talk about my faith more than simply alluding to bible verses. Frankly, I am scared. I am scared of what people think. I am scared of the questions and challenges they may have that I don't know the answers to. I am scared of people thinking differently … Continue reading The tricky topic


My friend Jen is staying with me for the weekend and I asked if I could interview her for my blog. Jennifer is a person who has overcome incredible obstacles just to be alive.  She is not only alive, Jen has a heart full of love and joy and I am so glad to call … Continue reading Jen