Never Runs Dry

What goes comes to mind when you read "never runs dry"? For some reason the first thing that comes to my mind is alcohol. lol. (And my drinking experience is a couple of sips every year or two.) Specifically, "the wine is flowing freely" comes to mind. I didn't actually know what that expression meant … Continue reading Never Runs Dry

Reflections on half a decade.

Today we dropped Elaina off for five hours of daycare (one hour for each year) and had a date in the rain. “Can you imagine if the weather had been like this on our wedding?” Forest asked as water sprinkled on our heads. He would have been a lot more comfortable in his wool tuxedo. … Continue reading Reflections on half a decade.

Good bye, hello

If you type into your browser you will get a message saying the account has been closed. It’s not really. I just changed the address after downgrading to the free version and re-mapping the domain would be a whopping $99. All that tech jargon is just to say, You know the split decisions … Continue reading Good bye, hello