Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom

I sat on the floor and listened to a casette tape from 44 years ago. Slow harmonic 1970s music played as two people in their 20s promised their lives to each other. This young couple could not predict the adventures, blessings and trials that they would face over the next decades. Moving between homes and … Continue reading Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom

Change is good but hard

"No!! I want Mommy!!!!" Elaina cried and "wham!" punched Forest where it really hurt (all the guys reading this can groan). As we prepare for the coming of baby number 2 my husband is taking on more care for our daughter. A change that is not easy for any of us. (well, it is nice … Continue reading Change is good but hard

A Boy!

I lay on a table for 45 minutes while the ultrasound tech took pictures and measurements. I was starting to get worried about how long it was taking but then I heard, “Ready to see your baby?” The magical moment had come! “Everything looks great… growing well…looks like a boy!” she said while showing me … Continue reading A Boy!


Pitter patter, tap tap, I can feel your kicks. Dark thoughts of miscarriage are chased away by your fluid acrobatics. Even at 19 weeks you are speaking truth: “He is not the God of the dead but of the living!” (Matthew 21:32). You love the children’s music that your big sister plays. Laughter and voices … Continue reading Kicks


Today I am thinking about a piece I wrote for Mama Poems called “Two Become One and then Three”. It’s about the story of conception, with messy fluid and bare bodies bound together in love. My original title was “Blood, Sweat and Semen” but that seemed a little too scandalous so I changed it. I … Continue reading Sex